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What happens without a Will?

If you die with assets in your name and do not have a will:

  • The distribution of your estate is governed by Ohio Law, specifically Section 2105.06 of the Ohio Revised Code. If you are survived by a spouse and children, your estate will be divided between those family members. If you have only children, the estate is divided among your children. If you have neither a spouse, or children or grandchildren, the estate is distributed to your parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces or nephews, or cousins, depending on who survives you.
  • The Court will appoint the guardian of your minor children without any input from you
  • The Court will appoint the person that will serve as your estate representative
  • The Court will required in most cases that the estate representative purchase a bond. With a will, the expenses of a bond can be waived