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What are the benefits of a Living Trust?

  • A trust can pass property directly to heirs without the intervention of the Probate Court. Avoiding probate means avoiding the public nature of the process; avoiding court costs and attorney fees; avoiding delays in asset distribution associated with probate; avoiding the possibility of a will contest; and avoiding the need for a second or ancillary probate process for property held in another state
  • A trust can reduce or eliminate estate taxes in some situations
  • A trust can allow for one to provide for his own illness or disability by avoiding a costly and cumbersome guardianship.
  • A trust can create a vehicle for the distribution of assets to dole out children’s inheritance and life insurance benefits over a period of years; protect heirs who are vulnerable due to their level of maturity, age, health, or inexperience in financial matters; safely provide for children of prior marriages; and provide for your children in the event your spouse remarries and accidentally or intentionally leaves your property to the second