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Criminal Defense Attorney John P. Alexander, Jr.

Attorney Alexander is an experienced litigator who has successfully represented clients across the State of Ohio. Attorney Alexander has the reputation for providing exceptional legal representation and thrives on zealously advocating on his client’s behalf to ensure their legal rights are protected. He pays attention to every detail to make sure that each client receives the personal attention and quality representation that he or she deserves. Alexander has successfully handled some very high profile cases which received international attention. Alexander’s media interviews include the local newspapers, radio, TV, and True TV (formally known as Court TV). His cases have been covered on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and other media outlets.

Attorney Alexander has won jury acquittals for clients facing charges ranging from Aggravated Murder to Disorderly Conduct. He is certified by the Ohio Supreme Court to handle Death Penalty cases. Attorney Alexander strives to meet his client’s needs, has a command of Ohio Criminal Laws and uses these resources to effectively negotiate with prosecutors when necessary to secure a favorable settlement resulting in reduced or dismissed charges. If a trial is needed, Attorney Alexander will question potential witnesses, investigate to uncover favorable evidence, and challenge evidence collected by the prosecution, all offering the greatest opportunity for a favorable jury verdict.

Areas of Practice

Drug Offenses
Whether the charge involves street drugs or a medical professionals’ illegal trade of legal drugs, John Alexander has the experience needed to protect your legal rights.

OVI / DUS / Traffic Related Offenses
Attorney Alexander’s in-depth knowledge of Ohio traffic laws enables him to successfully represent those charged with simple traffic tickets up to felony DUI charges.

Murder/ Manslaughter/ Vehicular Homicide
John Alexander has successfully represented hundreds of clients charged with violent crimes ranging from Disorderly Conduct to Aggravated Murder. He has obtained acquittals at trial or resolved cases with successful plea negotiations in many cases.

Domestic Violence
Cases involving Domestic Violence are exceedingly difficult because a conviction can carry penalties even more severe than non-domestic cases of similar facts. Attorney Alexander is prepared to provide a quality defense with his experience and extensive knowledge of the Ohio Domestic Violence Laws.

Sex Crimes/ Rape/ Sexual Assault/ Cyber Crimes
Attorney Alexander has frequently provided a successful defense with these delicate cases, ensuring they are dealt with in a professional manner.

Theft/ Robbery/ Burglary/ Shoplifting / Auto Theft
Whether you have been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor theft charge, Attorney Alexander will provide the quality representation you need. His careful and detailed attention creates the greatest opportunity for a favorable verdict, whether at the state or federal level.

Gang Related Offenses
The “gang” laws are written in a way that often allows the State to offer an enormous amount of evidence in trial that is normally not allowed in a typical criminal trial. Attorney Alexander argues the case based on the facts and the law and is proud of his success in trying these cases to jury.

Gun / Weapon Offenses
If you are arrested for a crime that involves a gun or weapon offense, the consequences of a conviction will be enhanced. It is very important to retain the best defense possible. John Alexander will provide a quality defense that combines his command for the Ohio Criminal Laws along with his exemplary negotiating and trial skills.

Probation Violations
Penalties can be severe for violating probation. Attorney Alexander understands that violations can happen for different reasons, and his knowledgeable representation insures that he will maximizes the chances that you won’t be penalized further.

White Collar Crimes
This area of the law requires a defense attorney who knows how to defend these serious crimes, which are often filed in federal court. Attorney Alexander is qualified to represent individuals charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and many other offenses falling under this category.

Conspiracy Crimes
A person can be charged and convicted of conspiring to commit a crime even if the actual crime was never carried out. Attorney Alexander’s experience and knowledge make him more than qualified to successfully challenge the prosecutor’s charges in these cases.

Juvenile Delinquency / Dependency/ Neglect/ Abuse/ Custody
Juvenile law covers the protection and safety of the general public against juvenile offenders with an eye toward recognizing the juvenile’s accountability for any crimes and also rehabilitating the offender. Attorney Alexander understands juvenile and family law, having handled hundreds of such cases, including matters concerning custody, child neglect or abuse, and more.

Noteworthy Cases

Mr. Alexander has successfully handled several high profile cases. His media interviews have included local newspapers, radio, TV, and TRUE TV (formally known as Court TV). Media outlets, such as CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and other news sources, have covered his cases. His more noteworthy cases include:

  • State v. Jennifer Peterson: After two days of trial and facing an 8-year sentence, the jury acquitted the defendant of Felonious Assault.
  • State v. Michael Bisson: After two days of trial the jury acquitted the defendant on all Domestic Violence Charges.
  • State V. Dennis Moore: After a three day trial facing a 5 year sentence for Felony DUI the jury found the defendant not guilty.
  • State v. Dennis Moore: After a three-day trial and facing a 5-year sentence for Felony DUI, the jury found the defendant not guilty. (2005)
  • State v. Tona DeLong: Facing a life sentence, Attorney Alexander successfully negotiated the dismissal of a Complicity to Murder charge. (2006)
  • State v. Myisha Ferrell: This sensational case was covered by the international media and True TV.
  • State v. Leon Bullard: After a week-long trial and facing a life sentence, the jury acquitted the defendant of Aggravated Murder and reduced the charge to the lesser included offense of Involuntary Manslaughter.
  • State v. Eric Bryant: After two days of trial the Jury acquitted on the charge of Possession of Cocaine (2008)
  • State v. Rovion Simmons: After a week long trial and facing an 8-year sentence, the jury acquitted the defendant of participating in criminal gang activities. (2008)
  • State v. Darnessa McDowell: Attorney Alexander, along with co-counsel, successfully negotiated the Dismissal of an Aggravated Murder charge as well as an Involuntary Manslaughter charge with gun specifications. (2011)
  • In RE: JM In this very complex shaken baby case in which the child was removed from his parents home, Attorney Alexander convinced the court that it was not the parents that injured the child. The family was reunited.
  • State v. Brogan Rafferty: This case was known as the “Craigslist Murders.” The trial lasted nearly a month, and was covered daily by the national media. (2012)


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