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Criminal and Traffic Law Attorney for Akron Ohio and Surrounding Communities

Our criminal lawyers in Akron, OH can help clients charged with criminal cases.

If you have been arrested for a traffic violation or a more serious criminal charge, you know how confusing and intimidating the justice system can be.  You also know that a conviction on those charges can negatively affect your driving privileges, your job and even your freedom.

At a critical moment like this, it is extremely important that you select an attorney with a strong reputation and a history of winning. You need someone on your side who knows the law, knows the courtroom and knows how to protect your rights.


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My experience with you was fantastic!

"It was a distinct privilege to have been represented by one of the most respectful, calmest and knowledgeable attorneys in Ohio at least from my perspective and I believe many others. Your demeanor and professionalism are two of the many qualities I admire most about you besides being a strong family man. As you know, I got into a complex and serious legal issue. After speaking to several lawyers and I had previously hired one who happens to be in the list of "The Best Lawyers in America" (who failed to resolve my case). I felt you were the best fit for me and my situation. An extremely adroit, calm and meticulous negotiator with your colleague, the prosecutor, your goal was to attain the best of the best results. Nonetheless, I was nervous and unsure of what was going to happen on that pivotal court day! The great part was that you have a great way of making a serious situation in my life a little easier to deal with. Even at one's worst you are great at helping to ease my anxiety and stress. You kept me up to date at all times and you are undoubtedly well connected in the legal system. I can't say enough about you and the exceptional job you did for my family and me. I am thankful that I have fould a stellar lawyer, you! Though unknown to many because of your non-bragging demeanor, you produced the best of the best results. Despite the fact that my case was pretty complex. I felt confident the whole time that you were doing what needed to be done to get the best result I could live with. In the end, the ultimate goal was achieved and I am spared a lot of stress. Now, I am filing for my investigation which will be attained in less than 3 months according to the Immigration Authority. John, you are beyond helpful for my family and me. I am really happy that we as a family hired you to represent me. Alexander, your rates are affordable and you are friendly and calm demeanor that helped me at tough times. You explained everything clearly, and your recommendations on how to proceed with my case were spot on. We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, insight and savvy. Thank you! You did a fantastic job keeping me informed. Importantly, you are a family oriented man, a trait that is profoundly admired. Thank you for all your efforts. Top to bottom, my experience with you was fantastic. Thanks again Mr. Alexander for all your support, you truly showed my family and I you cared about me!"

– Issac L.